Refrigerator Repair Service

Refrigerator Repair Service in Dubai

If your refrigerator breaks down, you can lose significant amounts of groceries and other food. Unfortunately, this has a massive impact on your wallet. It is recommended that a professional refrigerator be repaired as soon as you notice a problem. We believe that no defect is too small to be examined. A quick inspection can save you headaches and the cost of expensive refrigerator repairs.

Common refrigerator problems we solve

  • A broken thermostat that makes it challenging to regulate the temperature
  • A faulty starting capacitor that prevents the refrigerator from starting
  • Low-level refrigerant filling
  • Cleaning dirty capacitor coils to improve efficiency
  • Faulty compressor repair (the compressor runs the cooling circuit to keep the refrigerator at a set temperature)
  • Insufficient voltage, even if the household circuit is working properly
  • A broken engine that prevents the refrigerator from starting or turns it off immediately
  • The ice maker does not work or does not cool the water enough
  • A refrigerator that doesn’t cool food enough
  • Loud noises from the refrigerator, how it works
  • The engine warms up over time
  • Ice forms in the freezer

These are some of the most common refrigerator problems we see when inspecting the refrigerator and then giving the repairing services. We understand all the features of each refrigerator model and can help solve problems.