The Horizons of Best Technical Experts in Repairing Service For Tv, Washing Machine & Microwave Ovens

we consistently relies on a professional customer service. Our service and repair center in Dubai is always at your side to advise and support you when it comes to professionally maintaining and repairing TV, LED, LCD and appliance machines as well as fully automatic washing machines. Our service is aimed at both private customers and commercial customers. In our independent specialist workshop we work with excellent equipment on professional measuring equipment and tools, As a matter of fact services are given at your door step. In a few minutes, the cause of a malfunction of your appliance will be narrowed down. This diagnosis provides the basis for our cost estimate, which of course does not involve any costs.

Independent Customer Service

As soon as your appliance is delivered to our specialist or the specialist are at your door step, our specially trained specialists will take care of encircling the error. The cause of the malfunctions is quickly found. Of course, if your electric appliance needs to be opened, we always use only the original tools.

Quality of service and repair

And if a component is defective, it will also only be replaced with original components. This is the only way to maintain the high quality of your electric machine. After a repair, your electric machine will be extensively tested. Only when all functions have been properly tested, your electric appliance will be left with worth working effort at your place. We are proud of this service and therefore give a warranty on all repairs.

Our Services

Repair Work Of TV

The repairing of the television is done with great work and excellence that will be favorable for the customer.  

Washing Machine Repair Servce

The Washing Machine service at your door step is done with worthy experties.